The Bills Escaped With A Win Over The Giants On A Last Play Drop In The End Zone (And Uncalled DPI)

The Buffalo Bills were more than two touchdown favorites on Sunday night against the Daniel Jones-less New York Giants, but found themselves needing a goal line stand at the end of the game to escape with a win and move to 5-1 on the season.

After Josh Allen drove the Bills down for a go-ahead score on a preposterous throw to Quintin Morris, the Giants got to midfield and stalled out, failing on a fourth down play. However, the defense bowed up and forced a long field goal attempt from the Bills on the ensuing possession, with Tyler Bass missing wide right to leave the door open.

Tyrod Taylor led the Giants down deep into Bills territory with some short passes and a dicey scramble, with the last gasp pass to the end zone falling incomplete but Darren Waller drawing a pass interference penalty. That set up an untimed down from the 1 for the win, which brought back flashbacks from the end of the first half when Saquon Barkley got stuffed on the one with no timeouts left and the clock ran out without New York scoring any points.

This time, the Giants threw it up to Darren Waller, but the ball bounced off his hand to the turf thanks to what Bills fans will call great coverage from Taron Johnson and Giants (and most impartial observers) will call interference as Johnson had a fist full of jersey as Waller went up for the ball.

The reverse angle shows how close Waller was to an outrageous one-handed grab, as well as why that left hand could never get up to the ball to complete the catch.

To be clear, all a PI call would’ve done is set New York up for a third crack at a 1-yard score in a game they were 0-for-2, so it’s not a guarantee it would’ve resulted in a win. Still, it’s a tough way to lose and those two possessions ending on the 1 with no points to end both halves will stick with Brian Daboll and the Giants for awhile, as they had a chance to pull off a massive upset but just could not execute in the two biggest moments of the game.