Bishop Sycamore Fired Their Coach And Everyone Had Jokes On Who They’ll Hire Next

The football world has been consumed by one of the strangest stories of the sports year after IMG Academy crushed Bishop Sycamore on national television and sparked numerous investigations into how this apparently sketchy prep school managed to con their way onto ESPN’s airwaves.

Getting a national television audience to introduce their fledgling program to seems to have been the worst decision Bishop Sycamore could’ve made, as it has resulted in the unearthing of a number of very shady details about the “school,” from the lack of a real facility or school building to the team playing twice in one weekend with an undermanned roster of under 40 kids. A former player detailed his experience at the predecessor to Bishop Sycamore, COF Academy, where he says they stayed in a hotel they paid for with bounced checks, had to steal food because there was no money to eat, and they never actually did anything related to school (leading to him having to make up all his classes just to transfer back to a regular high school).

All of it is bad and made plenty wonder what they were thinking attracting the scrutiny and attention that comes along with being on a national showcase game. On Tuesday, the fallout continued as coach Ron Johnson was fired by the school.

The surprising part of the move for many was the assumption that he was running the program, and as Bishop Sycamore has become the premier example of a prep school grift, plenty of people had ideas for who should be their next head coach.