Watch This Kid Give A Masterclass In Ice Cream Cone Eating While The TV Crew Provides Analysis

03.07.16 3 years ago

There are so many things to enjoy about hockey. The sounds, the sweaters, the checking, the scoring, the fighting and, of course, the ice cream. Who could ever forget the ice cream?

Some youngster took in Sunday’s Blackhawks-Red Wings game at the United Center, where he also enjoyed a soft-serve ice-cream cone. And I mean he ENJOYED it.

Chicago’s CSN broadcast spotted the kid going in on the treat during intermission, and the broadcast duo of Pat Foley and Eddie Olczyk could barely contain their excitement watching the lil’ dude go to work. They even broke out the telestrator to analyze his eating pattern.

The results were exemplary, as the boy in question demonstrated a performance full of #grit, #heart and #passion. That’s the kind of stuff you can’t print out on a line graph, analytics nerds.

PS — Tough break for the second ice-cream kid, who immediately prompted a “GO BACK TO THAT OTHER YOUNGSTER!” from Olczyk. But, to be fair, that’s what you get for eating soft-serve with a spoon. It’s hockey…you can’t be afraid to get to the dirty areas.

(Via Reddit)

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