Blake Bortles Will Be Drafted By Every Mom In America After Yesterday’s GMA Appearance

University of Central Florida quarterback and Fiesta Bowl MVP Blake Bortles has been sort of the anti-Manziel in the 64 months leading up to tonight’s NFL Draft first round coverage, as he has portrayed the ultimate All-American boy image. Bortles was one of the draftees who participated in ESPN’s Draft Academy series – which was a fantastic reminder of how awesome ESPN can be when it tries – and during his segments, we were able to look at his family life, and how much his parents and brother mean to him. In fact, he even told the Orlando Sentinel how his first purchase with his NFL money will be paying his brother’s entire tuition at Ole Miss.

Yesterday morning, my favorite QB in the world also stopped by Good Morning America to talk about the most important thing in so many lives – moms. Bortles said that while he’s obviously excited to be making his leap to pro status, tonight is also about giving his mom the ultimate Mother’s Day gift. That is, until he slips out of the first round and she disowns him forever. The Texans should select him first overall just to make sure that doesn’t happen.

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