09.16.07 11 years ago 10 Comments

Remember when Drew Brees was racking up all those points for your fantasy team last year?  And remember how you thought, "Man, Sean Payton's offense is unstoppable, Brees is going to be even better this year!"  Well, you were wrong.  New Orleans lost to Tampa Bay today 31-14 to fall to 0-2 on the year.  Perhaps the Saints poor play is part of a grand conspiracy by Roger Goodell to move the franchise to Los Angeles, or maybe they just suck.  Either way, the best part of this game, as is always the case whenever the Bucs play at home, were the lovely Tampa Bay cheerleaders sweltering in 100° heat.  I think these ladies are one of the top squads in the NFL, and they could be #1 if only they added a few redheads.

In other thrilling NBA NFL action, Braylon Edwards and and Chad Johnson both had triple-doubles as the Browns beat the Bengals 51-45.  This game was an important reminder that the Browns have the most annoying fans in the league when their team wins. -KD 

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