Brad Nessler On Taking Over For Verne Lundquist, Learning To Accept SEC Fans’ Hate, And More

11.03.17 5 months ago

CBS Sports

The SEC on CBS sounds different this year, with Verne Lundquist retiring and stepping out of the booth for the first time in more than a decade. In his place is veteran play-by-play man Brad Nessler, who joined CBS from ESPN last year to get some broadcasts on CBS under his belt before taking over Lundquist’s seat alongside Gary Danielson in their No. 1 booth.

Nessler spoke with UPROXX Sports this week ahead of CBS’ primetime broadcast of LSU at Alabama (8 p.m. ET) about advice he’s gotten from Verne and the nerves of that first broadcast in a legend’s chair, accepting fans and his friends accusing him of bias, the state of the SEC, the art of calling blowouts, and the rivalry games he was most excited to get to call.

UPROXX: So you’re now two months in to the new gig with the SEC on CBS. How would you say the first two months have gone and how nice is it to be back in the booth after some time off?

Brad Nessler: Well, it was only two months off, but it felt like a year when I went through September and October, I was going absolutely crazy because that’s the first time in like, 37 years that I wasn’t in either an NFL or a college booth, or both on a weekend. So I really felt pretty lost. By the time I got back … this is the weekend I got back, exactly a year ago because we started doubleheaders.

Yeah so, man, I was never as happy to get back in the saddle as that but it has been even more fun than I thought it would be and part of it is because I wasn’t doing games there for that eight week stretch I just missed it. When you lose something you love that is that big of a deal and even if you don’t think it is, it is. When you get it back, it makes it that much more fun, especially at my age.

So I’m appreciating, pretty much, every weekend and I even like coaches meetings and stuff that I don’t normally like so … so far so good. It has been a blast, really.

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