Listen To Brandon Marshall Get Into A Heated Argument With An ESPN Radio Host

For some reason Chicago Bears WR Brandon Marshall is doing his best to keep the 2014 season in the news. On Monday, he joined Carmen and Jurko on ESPN 1000 in Chicago and things got a bit heated between him and host Carmen DeFalco after DeFalco questioned some of Marshall’s antics this year while also claiming that it seems Bears management is scared of him because they allow him to do whatever he wants.

For instance, earlier this year Marshall challenged a Twitter follower to a fight and also held a press conference to discuss his past domestic violence accusations. According to DeFalco, this was against team wishes. Marshall jumped in to defend himself and the conversation got a bit awkward with Marshall continuing to call DeFalco a clown.


The season is finally over and yet some people within the organization are still finding ways to keep it going.

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