A Poor Braves Fan Appeared To Pop A Hammy Racing The Freeze

A few years ago the Braves stadium ops staff struck gold with their “Beat The Freeze” promo, in which fans are given a head start running foul pole to foul pole around the warning track before The Freeze (a high-level sprinter, donning a icy blue body suit and goggles) takes off to try and beat them to the other end of the field.

It’s a delightful promotion and produces some incredible video, particularly in those panicky moments when the fan inevitably feels The Freeze gaining on them and tries to find another gear. Unfortunately, we were reminded on Thursday of what can happen to the average human when they try to hit their top speed for an extended period of time when a fan pulled up and eventually fell to the dirt with what sure looked like a pulled hamstring (or maybe calf) as The Freeze motored on by.

At first you think maybe he just stumbled but then he comes up hopping on one leg and that’s a telltale sign of mild disaster. Hopefully this fan is able to make a speedy recovery, but you could see as he lay on the ground that he was suddenly regretting his decision to accept the offer to come run the track instead of staying in his seat. It’s going to be a tough sell tomorrow calling in on a holiday weekend and trying to explain that you can’t make it cause you pulled a hamstring at the Braves game, but he does have video evidence to back him up.