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I'm not a fan of local sports talk radio shows. I don't get what the appeal is: flaming asshole maligns local sports figure, then legally retarded listeners call in and argue. It's like Jerry Springer, only about sports and without the physical confrontations.

That is, until now. A St. Louis man is accusing radio show host Kevin Slaten of assaulting him with a bottle in a bar/restaurant where Slaten had just finished a public show. I kind of want to paste the entire article and put it in blockquotes, but here's a sampling:

The man said Slaten picked up a bottle with his left hand and struck him above the eye. Dubliner employees broke up the disturbance and ejected both… One witness said the man who filed the complaint had called a companion of Slaten's an "idiot" and that the companion told Slaten: "Kevin, you've got to kick this guy's (rear)".

But here's the real gem:

Witnesses at the Dubliner told police that Slaten grabbed a purse, not a bottle, and hit the man.

Naturally. Because when a man hits me with a purse, I'm sure as hell not going to tell the cops that. "And then he hit me with a… a bottle! Yeah, it was definitely a bottle."

Slaten, of course, has a version where he doesn't assault anyone. And he probably didn't. Not by any real man's standards. There was probably just some hair-pulling and a lot of hissing.

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