Stanford Rapist Brock Turner Registers As A Sex Offender In Ohio

Brock Turner, who served only three months of an inexplicable six-month sentence for rape, registered as a sex offender in Ohio on Tuesday morning. As per the terms of his conviction, he will have to register as a sex offender no matter where he lives for the rest of his life.

It wouldn’t be surprising to see him register in another state after moving from Ohio, because he’s already dealing with armed neighbors outside his home, according to NBC.

“No one is going to shoot him unless we see him victimizing people,” said Micah Naziri, one of several Greene County residents protesting Turner’s lax punishment for a sexual assault conviction.

Turner raped an unconscious woman behind a dumpster while attending Stanford. He was on the swim team at the time, which is why you see so many headlines that name him “Stanford swimmer” as opposed to “Stanford rapist.” Adolf Hitler was a painter but you don’t ever see that in headlines about him, which is something to keep in mind when writing headlines about Turner.

Turner distributed photos of his victim to friends and blamed Stanford’s party culture for his actions. His harshest punishment came from USA Swimming, who banned Turner from the sport for life. Thankfully, the Santa Clara judge who saw fit to give Turner a paltry six-month sentence is facing a recall.