Broncos Fans Tipped Over A Porta-Potty With A Patriots Fan Inside

I am absolutely terrified of porta-potties. Some people may call it an irrational fear, but it’s not irrational. You step inside a literal sh*t house — typically located at events where large amount of people drink heavily — and you’re putting your faith in complete strangers not to be drunk idiots and tip it over. I’ve lived long enough to not trust people that much. Every time I step inside a porta-potty, my body goes into complete panic mode until the second I leave.

Unfortunately, some poor Patriots fan at this weekend’s AFC Championship in Denver had to live out my worst nightmare when the porta-potty they were using was apparently completely tipped over by Broncos fans. The video above doesn’t capture the actual tipping, but it does contain the aftermath, which includes some hearty laughs from Denver fans.

Now, there’s no scenario where being inside a tipped porta-potty isn’t horrific, but — for the sake of the Pats fan — we can only hope that this was one of the “lesser utilized” structures at Sports Authority Field on Sunday. Also, let’s just hope whoever was inside has better luck for 2016, because watching your favorite team lose an AFC Championship heartbreaker and then promptly being covered in literal human waste is certainly a sh*tty start.

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