Someone Be A Gentleman And Help Kate Upton With That Gas Can

Oops, sorry. That’s Brooklyn Decker up there, not Kate Upton. They’re still just too damn easy to confuse with each other.

Anywho, Decker was on hand for the Coca-Cola 600 on Sunday as a guest of Coke Zero and to promote her new film Battleship, which is currently doing its best Kenny Wallace impression at the box office. Either way, someone won the race, and apparently nobody cares who it was because we’re all distracted by the late night Cinemax film that Decker and Danica Patrick filmed before the race.

Let your minds wander as far as they want, folks…

In a joint appearance, Patrick explained the nuances of a NASCAR pit stop, and Decker was given the chance to try to jack the car and pack it with fuel.

“Is it magnetized?” Decker asked while trying to insert the gas can into the car. “It doesn’t latch? Well, that doesn’t seem very smart. There has to be a better way.”

Patrick laughed and noted, “Well, there could be a better way, but somewhat of the fun of NASCAR is we keep things a little more do-it-yourself.”

“She’s a good sport,” Patrick added. “I know I wouldn’t want to pick up the gas cans. I just like turning left.”

“You’re really good at turning left,” Decker said. “She’s so skilled and talented. If I can hold your gas can, I’m honored.” (Via USA Today)

Yeah, you hold her gas can, you dirty girl. Come on, let’s step this up a little, ladies. There’s a guy rubbing the crotch of his Wrangler cut-offs that needs a pay-off.

“Speaking of transcend, I knew Brooklyn when she was a smoking-hot model,” Patrick said. “She still is a smoking-hot model underneath those clothes. Now she’s a superstar. I watched her from a distance (and thought), ‘How in the world does she go from the cover of Sports Illustrated to three huge movies?’ It’s pretty amazing. I don’t feel like there’s many more people that have been able to do that.”

A blushing Decker responded, “You, either! Actually, no one has been able to do what you do. She can do my job, she can do her job.”

Mmmm, damn that was hot. Next week: Patrick teaches Mila Kunis and Rachel Bilson how to check their oil.

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