Cam Newton Decided Against Diving To Recover His Own Fumble Late In Super Bowl 50

02.07.16 3 years ago 23 Comments

If you hate Cam Newton hot takes, make sure you turn off your TV after Super Bowl 50.

With the Panthers trailing late in the fourth quarter 16-10, Cam Newton was strip-sacked by Broncos linebacker Von Miller. With the ball bouncing on the field, Newton had a chance to dive into the fray to recover of it but instead approached the situation with hesitation and caution. The ball squirted away from Newton and was recovered by Broncos safety T.J. Ward.

Four plays, C.J. Anderson scored a touchdown that eventually put the Broncos ahead 24-10 with three minutes to play.

What was Newton thinking? It’s very likely you will hear from hot takerists that will tell you he put his personal safety ahead of the team, which sounds crazy but you know it’s coming. “Look at Cam, dancing around in the most crucial situation of the season. But hey, he danced all season so what else is new?!?”

But really, he either had a brain cramp and maybe thought the play would be ruled incomplete or he was jumping out of the way of a helmet coming toward a knee and simply didn’t get down to the ground in time.

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