Fans Had A Field Day With Cam Newton’s Post-Game Straw Hat

Cam Newton had an amazing game against the San Francisco 49ers, but it was his hat at the post-game press conference that stole the show. Despite throwing for over 350 yards and four touchdowns, all anyone could seem to focus on was…his plan to bring a monorail to Charlotte?

But the Simpsons aren’t the only cartoon that’s ever had fun with a hat!

You don’t even have to have watched cartoons growing up to have fun, this one’s for the kids whose parents didn’t let them watch TV:

And of course, it didn’t take long for his hat to get its own Twitter account:

The best thing is, you know there’s more hats to come. He’s already had some other pretty outrageous press conference outfits, he’s like the NFL’s Russ Westbrook when it comes to pushing the fashion envelope. Anyone remember this one?

Or maybe this?

Point is, Cam’s got hats for days. Today, he’s a carnie, trying to get you to step on up and get some rings around the milk bottles, but tomorrow, who knows what we’ll see.

Fashion designers, you might want to take this guy’s idea. If you want to get your newest, well, anything, seen across the country, send it in a hatbox to Cam Newton and tell him it’s a hat. Maybe later this season you’ll see him modeling your new fall blouse as a lid.