Cam Newton Scored On A Two-Point Conversion Despite Getting Lit Up By A Defender

Associate Editor

Cam Newton is a really large person. This makes the fact that he is such a good runner so terrifying, because he is able to juke and dodge dudes despite the fact that he’s one of the biggest quarterbacks in the NFL. Against the Atlanta Falcons, both of those traits were on display. Newton took a snap on a two-point conversion, saw a hole to his left, and waltzed into the end zone because there was no one anywhere near him.

Well, he got close to doing that, because he got stuck right at the goal line by the Falcons’ Deion Jones, who saw that Newton slowed down a bit and just managed to hit the Panthers’ signal caller right before he scored. However, Jones didn’t get enough of Newton, who managed to stay upright long enough to dive forward and put the ball right on the goal line so the conversion was successful. The bad news, though, was that the hit left Newton rattled, and he had to go to the locker room after the play.

Still, this is an insane play by Newton. He’s usually good for one or two of these plays a week, but this was was a cut above the rest.

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