Enjoy This Bit Of ’80s Nostalgia With The Absurd Music Video Carl Lewis Once Made

Olympic legend Carl Lewis is never going to live down this music video. So, on what is his 55th birthday, let’s take a moment to appreciate it.

While we still don’t fully understand the rationale behind Lewis making this, I suppose once you become famous for one thing, it becomes time to capitalize on that fame and turn it into more. “I’m an Olympic gold medalist, next stop Hollywood!,” is likely what a young Carl Lewis thought immediately before making the The Room-level masterpiece that is “Break It Up.”

I’ll go so far to say it’s one of the most amateur music videos featuring a celebrity I have ever seen. I’m not sure who convinced Carl Lewis to do this. I’m sure the pitch involved something like, “you’ll be the next Eddie Murphy!” This isn’t just bad compared to today’s standards; this is just a bad music video.

And let’s not sleep on the song itself. This must be what happens to people when you don’t have real friends. Everyone needs that one person in his or her life that says, “I love you, Carl, but this song is wack!” The only winner in all of this is the old lady who gets to hang out with him in the sauna. Good for you, lady!

But now it’s time to revisit one last time, form a human chain and then break it up and never let this song play again.