This 462-Foot Moonshot Is A Sign Of The Times In Baseball’s Dinger-Filled First Week

Carlos Correa is having an absolutely monster start to the 2016 MLB season. Through just two games, both against the Yankees, the Astros’ second-year slugger already has three home runs. His third was easily his most impressive: a 462-foot moonshot on Wednesday that set the bar for this young season. It was one of two homers for Correa in the game.

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Correa is picking up where he left off last season, his first in the majors, in which he hit 22 homers in 99 games. In a 5-3 win over the Yankees this week, Correa hit another dinger.

While all of this is good news for the Astros, it also speaks to what has been an eye-opening start in the MLB this year. Home runs are coming in at a near alarming pace. Robinson Cano, in fact, has four in three games. Richard Justice of notes the league could top “5,000 home runs for the first time in seven years.”

Not only that, players are crushing some of these balls. Statcast notes that 17 measured home runs have been of 420 feet or better.

Despite being so young, Correa was an important part of the Astros making the playoffs. It stands to reason the same could hold true this year. As for the league as a whole, the rate at which these dingers and moonshots are coming off the bats should make for an entertaining season.

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