The Chain On The Yard Marker Broke In Eagles-Giants So They Threw Some Tape On It

The NFL, a multi-billion dollar enterprise, reacts to things breaking the same way that most of us do: they throw some tape on it. During the first quarter of Saturday night’s divisional round game between the New York Giants and the Philadelphia Eagles, play temporarily stopped following the first play the Giants had on their first drive of the evening.

The officials said it was an administrative stoppage, which covers a pretty broad range of things. It turns out the issue stemmed from one of the chains on the yard marker, which broke.

Now, you might think there are some spare yard markers in the back, and the folks on the chain gang could simply go grab those and use them. But that is not the case, my friends. Instead, someone grabbed some masking tape, got things all taped up, and everyone went back about their evening.

Just look at this thing, that tape is holding on for dear life.

There will be, at some point, a chance for a conversation to be had about whether or not the NFL should just invest in a chip in the ball and make yard markers far less important than they are now. But the game is on, so now is not that time.