NFL Fans Couldn’t Get Enough Of The Chargers Anime Video Taking Cracks At Their Opponents

At 8:00 p.m. ET, Twitter was flooded with NFL schedule release videos as team social staffs were allowed to finally put their hard work from the offseason up, as the league put out all 32 schedules.

Each team takes a unique approach to these videos, with some getting celebrities on board — even celebrity haters, like Dallas did with Stephen A. Smith this year — and others picking a theme and going all in on it. Fitting in that latter category was the Los Angeles Chargers, who had to have spent an upsetting amount of time putting together this an anime video for this year’s schedule release, which is far better than it has any right to be — and also features some incredible digs at their opponents.

It does a pretty incredible job of being entertaining for everyone, as anime fans will surely be able to pick out tributes to different shows, while NFL fans who have never seen an anime will be able to enjoy the not so subtle jokes about L.A.’s opponents. Among those are the Jaguar posted up in a bar like Urban Meyer, having Kyler Murray deleting all his social media posts in Arizona, the 28-3 jab at the Falcons on the Waffle House sign, and avoiding a disaster by redacting whatever they had planned for Deshaun Watson and the Browns.

Unsurprisingly, the video was a hit with fans from all around the league, who dove in to find as many easter eggs as they could in the frames.