The Chargers Rick-Rolled Steelers Fans By Teasing ‘Renegade’ On Sunday Night

The Chargers fan base in L.A. is, how would you say, not exactly robust. Since the team moved from San Diego north to Los Angeles, they’ve played in a soccer stadium that holds under 30,000 people, which doesn’t bode especially well for their eventual move to their new, much larger, shared stadium with the Rams in Inglewood next year.

In any case, most Charger games are really road games for the team in powder blue, as opposing team fans regularly take over the Dignity Health Sports Park. The last few years its been a near-weekly occurrence that we see photos on Twitter of the Chargers stadium blanketed in the opposing team’s colors, and that’s likely going to be the case quite often in L.A. even when they get a new, permanent home.

Because the Chargers stadium staff has some experience with opposing fans flooding their fair stadium, they are also ready to mess with them. On Sunday night, the Steelers rolled into town and the Terrible Towels were out in L.A. in droves. In the fourth quarter, the PA started playing “Renegade” by Styx, which the Steelers have long co-opted as their song, causing fans to get fired up and wave their towels, only to get Rick Rolled on the Jumbotron.

If you’re going to be the home stadium that’s constantly taken over, this is a pretty good way to handle it. They acknowledge what it is, but also still try to mess with the opposing fans, even when they’re the majority. Unfortunately, the Chargers didn’t play well on Sunday night and while the stadium ops crew got a laugh in, it was Steelers fans who had plenty to cheer about in a 24-17 win.