The Cubs And Pirates Cleared The Benches After Jake Arrieta Was Hit With A Pitch

Ah, yes. Nothing says playoff baseball quite like a bench-clearing shoving match that results in little more than a bunch of players saying “hold me back, bro!” But, such was the case in Wednesday night’s NL Wild Card game between the Cubs and Pirates. The whole thing started when Pirates pitcher Tony Watson nailed Cubs pitcher Jake Arrieta on the hip in the top of the 7th inning (the Cubs were up 4-0). Arrieta had already hit two Pirates by this point, so this was likely your classic case of retaliation by Watson.

Either way, Arrieta wasn’t having any of it, so the two exchanged some words and before you know it, the benches cleared. The whole thing was anticlimactic, however, seeing as the only thing that actually got punched was this innocent water cooler:

The rest? Lip service:

Tough stuff there, bro.