The Chiefs Are Not Happy The Referees Called Offsides On Their Player Who Clearly Was Offsides

The Buffalo Bills walked into Kansas City on Sunday afternoon and picked up a 20-17 win over the Chiefs. It wasn’t pretty, and for one moment, it looked like Kansas City was going to score a late, go-ahead touchdown thanks to an all-time heads-up play by Travis Kelce, who threw an open field lateral to Kadarius Toney and let him walk into the end zone.

Unfortunately for the Chiefs, Toney lined up offsides on the play, which wiped out the touchdown and led to Buffalo’s defense making a stand. As he left the field following a fourth down pass falling incomplete, Patrick Mahomes was clearly furious.

Mahomes is not someone to normally go at the referees like this, and after the game, he explained why he was so frustrated. Essentially, it came down to him not believing that the refs threw a flag in that situation.

This sentiment was shared by Andy Reid. While he did not have the kind of sideline meltdown that Mahomes had, he was still pretty upset after the game, to the point that he called the whole thing “embarrassing for the National Football League.”

Obviously the Chiefs are going to be upset after losing a game like that — particularly to a team like Buffalo, which they’ve had some pretty incredible battles against over the year. But at the same time, it’s really hard to say that Toney lined up in a legal position here, as his foot is clearly in the neutral zone. And even though the penalty wiped out one of the best plays you’ll ever see by Kelce, Kansas City still had three plays after this to try and get a first down, so the opportunity was there for them to do something in the aftermath of the call.