Rams’ Chris Long Disguised Himself As A ‘Hopeful Powerball Player’ For A Hilarious Local News Interview

01.14.16 2 years ago

With the jackpot climbing to around $1.5 billion, chances are that you or somebody you know got swept up in Powerball mania this week. Even some of the world’s best and most handsomely paid athletes couldn’t resist taking their shot at winning the massive payout, though some of them approached it differently than others.

While Carmelo Anthony and Alex Ovechkin played the lottery straight-up, St. Louis Los Angeles Rams defensive end Chris Long had some fun with the whole experience. The 30-year-old Long wore a disguise and visited a nearby store to buy his ticket, and managed to get on the local news in the process.

“A lot of boats,” huh? I can’t be mad at that.

It appears that his disguise wasn’t very good, though, as he tried to pass off a fake name to the TV station, and they didn’t buy it.

There’s a good chance you didn’t win the Powerball on Wednesday night (though if you did, let’s be friends), but seeing Long in costume talking about investing in a timeshare with his “old lady” is a pretty solid consolation prize.

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