Chris Paul And Aaron Rodgers Teamed Up With Dude Perfect For Some Impressive Trick Shots

You’ve probably heard of Dude Perfect, but if you haven’t, they are essentially trick shot aficionados. Previously, we’ve seen them cross over into the football world by teaming up with Odell Beckham Jr., but they may have outdone themselves by welcoming in none other than Aaron Rodgers and Chris Paul to perform some highly difficult trick shots.

The whole video is insane with both superstar athletes hitting some shots that us mortals couldn’t hit in 1,000 tries, but the best had to be Rodgers’ “Exploding Trash Can” shot, in which he launched a football from the top of an arena all the way down onto the court onto a small bullseye which set off confetti. Another highlight was Paul’s “Cody’s Trust Shot” where Paul made a half court heave perfectly through the net without hitting a poor Dude Perfect member who was squatting on top of the hoop.

Dude Perfect also snagged interviews with the Packers’ quarterback and Clippers’ point guard to ask them everything from what pick-me-up they’d get from a gas station, to whether Dez caught it (Rodgers’ answer might not be all that surprising).

To make it even better, the trick shots were for a good cause, as State Farm donated $25,000 each to charities of each players’ choosing.

Now if you’d excuse me, I’m going to go try and figure out how the heck Chris Paul hit a small target with a behind the back pass from 50 feet away.