Chris Petersen Played The Old 'New Uniforms' Trick On The Washington Huskies

Probably the biggest gripe that anyone should have with April Fools’ Day isn’t the fact that people think they’re being funny when they’re not, but that people still constantly fall for the dumbest “jokes” in the book like they don’t even own calendars. Right behind that, though, my next complaint would be unoriginal jokes, or jokes that have been played so many times before, that nobody falls for them, but the person playing the prank acts like it was “SO EPIC, BRO!” and carries on about how he totally got you, you stupid dicks.

Washington Huskies coach Chris Petersen falls into that second category, as he pulled the old “new uniform” gag on his players yesterday, as if they didn’t see the Houston Cougars do it just last year, or any of the other teams that had done it before. Granted, some of the players seemed to be genuinely relieved that they won’t be wearing these hideous uniforms, but most of them seemed to be waiting patiently for the punchline. If you’re going to try to prank people in the YouTube era, you better come with something new, Coach Petersen.

(H/T to Coaching Search)