A Cincinnati Band Member Fell Hard While Running Out Onto The Field

Well, it looks like someone took “the band is out on the field” a little too seriously.

This Cincinnati saxophone player was probably really excited to perform at Nippert Stadium tonight. It’s a primetime game on a Thursday night against a quality opponent in Miami, and odds are his band director put together one hell of a halftime show. Maybe it would be so good that it would go up on YouTube and people would notice the performance, and it would put the Cincy band in the spotlight that is usually taken by, say, the Ohio State fan.

There’s just one problem: in order to perform in front of the crowd, you need to get out onto the field. This saxophone player, during his run out to the field, was so excited that he tripped over his own two feet, and went down like he’s Fernando Torres.

We will give this dude some credit: he is really pumped up to get out there and leave it all out on the field, especially because he got back up immediately and started sprinting to rejoin his bandmates. He may be striving to leave a little too much on the field, but we really can’t knock his hustle.