Bengals Running Back Jeremy Hill Told An Angry Steelers Fan Exactly What He Thinks Of The Terrible Towel

12.18.16 2 years ago

Jeremy Hill made some Steelers fans mad when he threw a Terrible Towel to the ground on Sunday afternoon. Hill scored a touchdown, found a towel, pretended to rip it, then spiked it to the ground during Cincinnati’s 24-20 loss to Pittsburgh.

It was a mix of a dude celebrating and trash talking, which would make any fan mad. But Steelers fans are super defensive of the Terrible Towel, so when Hill brought that into the equation, it was obviously going to upset some folks from Pittsburgh. One decided to call him out on this, saying “Don’t disrespect the towel.” Hill saw this and decided to respond in a tweet that has since been deleted, mostly because he dropped an f-bomb in a tweet.

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