A Browns Fan Got A Permit To Throw A Parade In Cleveland If They Don’t Win A Game This Season

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Cleveland Browns highlights around these parts are often about failure. But this time, someone from Cleveland has done something very right, and not just failing to give away a bunch of assets for an Alabama quarterback.

For the second straight year, the Browns are flirting with a perfect season. Going 0-16 would be quite the achievement, and since the team is sitting at 0-11, it’s getting more and more likely that they can actually reach perfection this year. If they do, there might even be a parade to celebrate the, um, “achievement.”

Browns fan Chris McNeil has gotten permission to have a parade circle the Browns home stadium in the event that the team goes 0-16 this year. Just like last year, McNeil has a Facebook event for the parade up and running, Browns Perfect Season 2.0.

“Celebrating perfection from the team that has given us nothing to celebrate since 1999,” McNeil explains on the event’s Facebook page.

McNeil has also set up a GoFundMe for parade expenses because celebrating isn’t cheap. It is important to note that last year’s parade never happened because Cleveland actually won a game, but it’s OK to dream when the ultimate goal is failure. In fact, with the Browns, it’s probably best to assume that things will go wrong.