The Cleveland Indians Are Shaving Their Heads For A Great Cause

mike aviles
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Childhood cancer is one of the worst things a family can go through, and Cleveland Indians’ infielder Mike Aviles’ four-year-old daughter Adriana is one of the profoundly unlucky children to be afflicted with juvenile leukemia. Times like these are when support systems are crucial in assisting the healing process, both physical and emotional.

As it turns out, the Indians are a damn good support system. Players and coaches for the team are shaving their heads in solidarity with Adriana (who will lose her hair as she undergoes chemotherapy treatments), and as a way of showing the whole Aviles family that they care. Indians’ second baseman Jason Kipnis talked to about their reasons for the gesture:

“He’s been a great person and a great teammate. I think all the guys have done a good job of stepping up to make him feel welcomed and back at home and that nothing has changed.

“Numerous guys have told him that if he needs anything at anytime that they’ll be there for him. I think baseball has been a good distraction for him.”

Aviles returned a week ago from an eight-day Family Medical Emergency leave of absence and has asked that the media refrain from asking him about his daughter’s illness and recovery. We hope everyone respects his privacy and we wish him and his daughter the best of luck.