The ‘It Me College Football’ Podcast, Week 15: Best Bowl Gifts And Best Non-New Years Games

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Bowl season is here, and we’d like you to celebrate in whichever way you see fit. For us, this means taking a quick breather, focusing on the plan for the next few weeks, and going all in on the last month of the season. Bowl season has a different pace and rhythm from the regular season, and this week of awards gives us a chance to recalibrate.

That doesn’t mean that it me, college football gets to take a break. Far from it. Robby and Martin spend all kinds of time previewing games and discussing what bowls really mean to them this week. But they also welcomed in Miller Yoho of the Charlotte Sports Foundation to discuss what working for a bowl game is like. Miller runs the always entertaining Belk Bowl account on Twitter, so give him and the sentient bowl game a follow.

Here are some highlights from this week:

  • The best bowl game gift packages.
  • No, seriously, the Arizona Bowl is giving away custom cowboy boots and that’s it
  • Are there too many bowls?
  • Of course there aren’t too many bowls.
  • The craziest interactions Miller has seen while running the bowl account.
  • Robby and Martin give their Top 5 non New Years Six games
  • Tentative College Football Playoff predictions

As always, comments and tweets are always welcome. Subscribe to us on iTunes, too! You can find Robby at (@rkalland) and Martin at (@martinrickman). And Miller is at (MR_Yoho). Football is great and so are friends, but football is always better with friends.

Special thanks to the band Annabel for our intro and outro music. They’re really good. You should buy their music at their website or perhaps see them play a show some time.

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