‘You Are Looking Live’: All The College Football Games You Need To Watch In Week 4

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It’s finally fall! Not like “fall” where we think it’s fall because there’s football and that means it’s fall, I mean real deal there is a different smell in the air, everything is cooling down, holy heck why are there so many pumpkin beers out, I thought it was July a couple weeks ago fall. And that’s perfectly okay. Time moves on, and for some teams, this means the nightmare will be over sooner than they thought. For still others, the dream of a special season is right in their minds, and the next few weeks will solidify that dream or crush it into a bunch of pieces.

So put on your layers, get the crock pot back out of hiding, embrace those fall spices, and put on some football. There are worse ways to celebrate the death and eventual rebirth of nature.

Here’s your full viewing guide for Week 4. (All times are in EST, so make sure to factor that in if you live in a place that is not using that time zone. I know, I know, East Coast bias.)

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Jim Harbaugh

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Noon: BYU at Michigan (-6.5) (ABC) 

This will be a really good test for Jim Harbaugh’s team. Obviously, that quarterback situation isn’t ideal right now, but if the Wolverines have really improved, they should be able to beat a talented and feisty Cougars team in Ann Arbor. That said, it won’t be easy. BYU almost went into the Rose Bowl and beat UCLA, and the Cougs maybe finally found a running back in Adam Hine.


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