A Relieved Colts Announcer Declared The Game ‘Finally F*cking Over’ On Air

The Indianapolis Colts have gotten off to a rough start to the season. They lost their first two games of the season, and things weren’t looking great for them in their game against the San Diego Chargers on Sunday. Thanks to a late touchdown by T.Y. Hilton, the Colts managed to get the win, and avoided starting the season 0-3. To go three games without a win would have been the death knell for the Colts, and perhaps for Chuck Pagano. Colts radio announcer Bob Lamey seemed to realize this, and he accidentally was very candid in expressing it.

As the Colts were recovering a game-clinching final, an exasperated Lamey said of the game, “It’s finally f*cking over.” One of those words you aren’t traditionally allowed to say on radio, which certainly made this one of the most notable Colts radio broadcasts. He’s not the first person to accidentally drop the F-bomb, but there’s always something amusing, and slightly liberating about it. Lamey likely was just saying what a lot of fans at home were also saying.

Of course, he’s also a professional broadcaster, so he felt horrible about accidentally swearing on the radio, and planned to apologize for his slip up. Hopefully future Colts games are less exasperating for Lamey. It’ll help him keep his language in check.

(Via Deadspin)