07.17.08 10 years ago 8 Comments

So yesterday was one of those dead nights on the sports calendar where absolutely nothing is going on and I'm forced to deal with the inscrutable pain of social interaction. And when I say nothing is going on, I don't just mean in the sense that there's only the continued drag of the interminable baseball regular season, but a cold inky abyss of inactivity. All the sports channels have to resort to continued discussion of an All-Star Game that might still be going on. I had to scour just to find this pic of Chinese cheerleaders performing during a game between Russia and Angola during something called the Stankovic Cup in Hangzhou. Nice to know that when American sports go dormant, the rest of the world follows suit. Finally their obedience comes back to bite us in the ass. I never thought I'd be glad to have the return of regular season baseball and the start of the British Open. Just kidding. I don't give a shit. I'm seeing The Dark Knight tonight.

In actual news: More Favre bullshit, double-amputee Oscar Pistorius fails to qualify for the Olympics thus heading off an annoying debate about his unfair cyber-leg advantage, James Posey leaves the Celts for the Hornets and the Ravens guarantee they're going to have more shitty quarterback play for a while.

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