Competitive Pole Dancing Just Got Huge

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12.08.11 11 Comments

We’ve shown plenty of love for the world of competitive pole dancing in the past, so much so that I’ve always sort of felt like it’s our true national pastime. But as the rest of the world catches up to our progressive thinking, one special woman is expanding the increasingly popular fitness routine to a whole new demographic – the plus-sized ladies.
LuAyne “Lulu” Barber is a 22-year old mother of one who has been working the pole for 5 years. But she’s not working it to make money, she’s working it to WORK. IT. *snaps* And Barber is a true inspiration, because as you can see above, she’s working with a lot. To be precise, she’s working with 252-pounds, and I know that a lot of people might think that’s too big to be swinging around on a pole, but I say, “You go, girl.”
I’m all for women of all shapes and sizes to keep spreading the word of this fantastic sport. One day, competitive pole dancing will hopefully be an Olympic sport, and people all over the world can celebrate their nations’ pole dancers by throwing their currencies in the air. Unless Germany and China take over, in which case I welcome our new Germnese overlords.

(Via The Daily Mail)

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