Pranksters Go On An Epic Odyssey To Put A ‘For Sale’ Sign In Front Of Conor McGregor’s House

Getty Image / Zayyzow

For some reason, internet pranksters have decided that the cool, new in-thing to do is put celebrity houses up for sale. Not really put their houses up for sale, just put a “For Sale” sign up in front of their houses long enough to take a picture. Ellen Degeneres suffered this irrecoverable shame earlier this year, and now it’s Conor McGregor’s turn to get lightly served. The whole situation is oddly entertaining.

The prank is relatively harmless considering the sign will get removed almost right away, but damn if it isn’t weird that these crafty rascals are using Instagram and various clues to discover where Conor McGregor’s palatial estate is located in Ireland. As you’ll see in the video below, this Zayyzow and his pal go to great lengths to make a horrible “For Sale” sign that will briefly be placed on McGregor’s lawn.

Most of the video is skippable, but the actual infiltration of the McGregor compound is thrilling.

Who was it that spotted them? Who were they running from? Why were they so impressed with a golf cart when a small fortune in a fleet of cars was right next to them? These are questions that can’t be asked of people who think putting houses up for sale with a poorly-made sign is a worthy prank.