Conor McGregor May End Up Testifying Against The UFC In Congress

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The last few weeks have been relatively short on Conor McGregor news. Following his lucrative defeat at the hands of Floyd Mayweather in August, the UFC champ has been spending some time off vacationing in Ibiza with family and friends. But those keeping a close eye on the headlines may have noticed one extremely important development. Word is McGregor will testify in front of the United States Congress in favor of extending the Muhammad Ali Boxing Reform Act to protect MMA fighters.

“We have been told by his team that he was going to come to the Hill to talk about this,” Congressman Markwayne Mullin told Reuters. Mullin, who holds a 3-0 record in MMA himself, is the politician at the head of pushing for the change.

The UFC is unsurprisingly against all of this. The Ali Act protects fighters from unfair contracts that prevent them from fighting for other promoters, establishes an independent ranking system, and bans promoters from acting as a fighter’s manager. A lot of this has the potential to turn MMA on its head depending on how the act is interpreted or enforced, so UFC ownership has been spending millions over the years lobbying against the move.

So why is Conor McGregor about to step in and fight for it?

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