Conor McGregor Gives Team Diaz One Final Mic Drop Punctuated By A 2Pac Reference

We’re so close. Oh, so close… For a fight that doesn’t really matter. Still, this feels like the most important fight the UFC has hosted in months or even years. There’s nothing but pride and money on the line, and yet we’re all enraptured. These two are only beginning to hate each other. They used to respect each other. Hell, they still do respect each other as martial artists, but Conor McGregor has simply met someone he cannot bully, and it’s clearly driven him mad. It’s made for some entertaining fight promotion.

Thursday saw the media face-offs exclude both Conor and Nate, as well as the co-main of Glover Teixeira and Rumble Johnson. Clearly, to avoid more incidents, even though the light heavyweight contenders have been nothing but cordial. But this was the last moments Conor had before the weigh-ins to get in some media questions and he made the most of it. He started out with a clear, “f*ck the Diaz brothers” (at around 4:50) which makes me want to see Conor fight Nick at UFC 209.

As the brief interview continued, Conor continually got more pumped up and probably disappointed every Irish bare knuckle brawler by doubling down on the “I was scared for my life” line. If he was scared for his life with some Jake Shields-thrown coffee and water bottles, then dude is in the wrong business.

But then he made up for it by going full Diaz by quoting 2Pac before flipping the mic up in the air and walking away: “F*ck team Diaz. And if you’re down with team Diaz, then f*ck you too!”

Can these guys just fight every three months until they have to retire or the world ends? Whichever comes first.

(Via Submission Radio)