Court Rejects Jets Fan’s Spygate Case

Senior Writer
03.08.11 2 Comments

New Jersey lawyer and New York Jets season ticket holder Carl J. Mayer is a patriot. Of course I mean he’s a patriot in the American sense and not the New England football sense, because he took advantage of this country’s incredible justice system by taking his fight all the way to the United States Supreme Court. So what was Mayer fighting – Abortion? Immigration? War? The Westboro Baptist church? Gay marriage? Wall Street executives? Nah, none of that unimportant crap. His fight is Spygate.

That’s right, after a lower court had dismissed Mayer’s initial lawsuit against Bill Belichick and the Patriots – I like to think the judge was wanking his gavel the whole time – Mayer took his case (Mayer v. Belichick, 10-867) to the highest court in the nation because he believes that the Pats videotaping scandal from 2007 had “cheated him and other fans out of their right to see honest competition on the field”, according to Bloomberg News. And somewhere a St. Louis Rams fan looked up and said, “Oh yeah, the Jets… they should be upset.”

Meanwhile, when reached for his thoughts on this lawsuit, Jets head coach Rex Ryan yelled from his driver’s side window, “Hell yeah, I’m all for going to court… the FOOD court!”

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