Cris Cyborg’s Advice to Young Fighters – Go on Instagram, Don’t Train

Cris “Cyborg” Justino, the current Invicta FC featherweight champion, recent conducted a Q&A on the UnderGround and we learned quite a lot. Here’s some choice bits regarding Ronda Rousey:

Do you dislike Ronda on a personal level for all the trash talk about you or do you see it as hype in case of a future fight?
I think Rhonda has the type of personality where she needs the attention. I don’t have anything personal against her. I heard when she first started fighting mma she used to watch my fights, I’ve always been curious which fight was her favorite. My first fight was 2005, and I came to america with Elite XC in 2008. I am from a different time. Remember when Wanderlia Silva fought Mark Hunt in PRIDE? What weight was that fight? That is Chute Boxe. That is fighting because you love it. If she really wanted this fight it would have happened already. I find the interviews funny, my friends in Brazil and the USA always call me to see what I will say. The fight will happen or the fans of MMA will robbed of history.

Time has gone by alot since the first time you and Ronda wanted to fight.. Do u think the fight is losing steam and big pay day for everyone because of the ufc stalling and putting too many cards?
No. Everyone will watch this fight.

What defensive/offensive options will you have if Rhonda clinches up?
Punch Her Face!

If Ronda offered to fight you NHB on the beach Rickson what would you say?
I would tell her…CHUTE BOXE the mouthguard inside the purse

Punching Ronda in the face certainly is a better option than the two times Cyborg pulled Gina Carano into mount. There was also some questions about Cyborg fighting people that aren’t Ronda which was also interesting.

Do you plan to have more Muay Thai fights?
Yes. I really enjoyed Lion Fight and think it would be fun to compete in GLORY or K1. Food fight, water fight or muay thai fight it doesn’t matter.

What was the hardest MMA fight of your career?
Every fight is tough. but If you watch my 2nd fight against Vanessa Porto you will see how far I have come. I accepted this fight against a girl with a lot of fights and only had 6 months of training. I won it Chute Boxe by being tough. I don’t think you guys know what it was like being the only girl in that gym. I would ride my bike to train with that team of champions because the face stomps I landed in this fight just came natural.

Will you do Metamoris?
I like Compete. I make Bronze medal in 2009 ADCC, and I am a 2x Purple Belt World Champion in the Gi. Maybe me Vs. Renato Laranja .

Was there 1 or 2 fights scheduled with Ediane Gomes
We were suppose to fight 2 times, the 2nd time the fight was scheduled the dr. said my concussion from my fight against Jorinas Baars

you train with men, but do you ever have the desire to actually fight a man in the same weight class?
I train with guys because I notice the difference from training with the guys. Girls make training so personal. Maybe WWE against a guy?

Cyborg vs Gabi in a BJJ match (such as METAMORIS). How do you think it will go?
Gabi is very tough. I am confident in my skills, and would work a good gameplan with my team at Atos. I would have to have a clever plan, she is probably 50lbs heavier than me and professional BJJ all the time.

Someone has already shown the roadmap to beat her. If the commission gives her a license, I am nobody to say she can not.

What advice would you give to a young woman getting started as a MMA fighter today?
Make a bunch of photoshoots and spend more time on instagram and Facebook than training.

How long until you are in the UFC?
This isn’t my choice. In the beginning if you won you moved up rankings and fought the best now it is more about fans, twitter, tv. I know I am the best female MMA fighter, and I want the best stage to show that. God will work his plan, I just have to focus on training and winning.

I think Cyborg versus Gabi Garcia would be cool, though I’m really interested in Cyborg taking on the 27-time world champion, Renato Laranja. Also, I’m glad Cyborg seems cool about potentially fighting Fallon Fox. However, the biggest takeaway from that snippet is Cyborg’s “don’t train, just instagram” philosophy. I wonder if that’s a direct shot against Felice Herrig

Everything wasn’t all about fights, though. There were some lighter moments

What are your favourite pizza toppings?
I don’t like Pizza, but if I have to eat pizza its Portuguese Pizza–egg, tomato, onion, cheese,ham.

Eggs on pizza? GET OUT, YOU WEIRDO