The Most Understated Cubs World Series Celebration Was This Absolutely Perfect ‘SportsCenter’ Commercial

One of the more confusing things in the history of humankind is the lack of intelligent, thoughtful programming on ESPN paired with the consistently funny and clever commercials for SportsCenter. The network that forced Skip Bayless on the world also has the same creative people that bring us Charley Steiner leading a new civilization after Y2K and Usain Bolt punching a clock for work. It’s confounding.

The latest SportsCenter ad that has fun with the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series is more of the same. No one has gotten more out of mascot-based comedy over the past two decades than ESPN.

The only thing this commercial is missing is Mark Sanchez walking into the room, seeing the “Days Since The Last Butt Fumble” sign and dejectedly sighing.

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