Daily Fantasy Football Advice For Week 7 Of NFL Action

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Right, let’s address it off the top. Remember last week when I left Adrian Peterson for dead and gave a Groupon to vultures in the area to feast on his corpse? *tugs collar for eternity* Not only did AP do well in his first game as a Cardinal, Peterson rushed for 134 yards, notched two touchdowns and earned NFC Offensive Player of the Week honors for his troubles. I wasn’t just wrong, I was spectacularly wrong. In the interest of transparency, here’s a list of Top 5 things I’ve been wrong about in my life.

1) I know my way around pleasuring a woman
2) Malt liquor DOES pair well with s’more Pop Tarts
3) My confidence in that GEICO Cavemen TV show will be proven correct over time
4) Adrian Peterson will eat sh*t against the Bucs in Week 6
5) I can totally kick that ATM’s ass. No, you’re drunk, security guard.

Gotta say, the Peterson thing ranks as the biggest shot to the ego. Anyway, now that I’ve undercut all my credibility, here are some options to invest in, avoid and consider for your daily fantasy football lineup.

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