No One On The Internet Knows What The Cowboys Were Doing With This Tweet

Never tweet.

Where to begin with this? Immediately, I popped the text into an Internet search, because maybe it was song lyrics I didn’t know. Nope. These were words created originally and likely with weeks of discussion by the Dallas Cowboys marketing and social teams in an effort to connect with casuals in a brand activation campaign.

“Today we step out of the shadow.” What? You’re the Dallas Cowboys. You are arguably one of the five most well-known sports franchises on the planet. Are you stepping out of the shadow of the monstrosity you call a stadium? The one you cast over yourselves by employing Greg Hardy and saying he was a leader?

Who is on notice? The beginning of what? It’s April. OTAs? Go away, Cowboys. We have NHL/NBA playoffs and the hope of early-season baseball to tide us over until you go 8-8 next season. Leave us be. And don’t even get me started on the chain over the Star. I’m not sure what that represents, but it can’t be anything good.

You know what is good, though? People reacting to the tweet. In that case, you should tweet.

The replies to the original tweet were good, as were people who chose to express their feelings in other ways.

America’s team, baby!

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