Read This Headline Carefully: The Dallas Stars Ice Girls Went Motorboating

Pro Wrestling Editor
10.19.12 2 Comments

The NHL lockout is dragging on, and everyone is feeling the crunch. The Florida Panthers laid off Stanley C. Panther, players are heading overseas to find work and the poor Ice Girls are … well, actually, the Ice Girls are totally fine. Forget I mentioned them.

By way of Jimmy Traina and the Thursday edition of Hot Clicks comes this clip of the Dallas Stars Ice Girls saying nuts to ‘Gangnam Style’ and ‘Call Me Maybe’ parodies in favor of emulating Little Big Town’s country hit ‘Pontoon,’ which mostly requires them to hang out on the ocean and play on slides. It’s a good decision, especially for anyone watching, but they should probably let that redhead go in before she burns.

This video is more or less the opposite of any time Danica Patrick decides she’s a country star.

Random question, though … is anyone else like me? I’m not a huge fan of cheerleaders, but I LOVE Ice Girls. At the same time, I like Ice Girls less when they’re wearing bikinis or whatever than I do when they’re on the ice. I can’t figure out why, but I’ve narrowed it down to “hockey is happening around them” and “yoga pants”.

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