Instagram King Dan Bilzerian Is Training With Lance Armstrong Because Of A Bet With A Friend

Dan Bilzerian is a poker player, actor and, according to his Wikipedia page, an internet social media personality. He has five acting credits on his IMDb page and once told Howard Stern he earned $50 million over a 12-month period while playing poker, which seems impossible, but it’s on the internet so it must be true.

The real reason you are reading this story about Bilzerian training with Lance Armstrong for a 48-hour bike race against time over a $600,000 bet is because he has 16.3 million Instagram followers and that’s how we decide fame today. Bilzerian claimed he could make it from Las Vegas to Los Angeles, which is about 270 miles, in a two-day window. So it only makes sense that after making an outrageous, unbelievable claim about riding a bike, you turn to a professional liar for help.

Armstrong was happy to train this guy, because what else does he have to do? They met and it led to this video involving a rocking guitar, guns and seriously, did anyone know who Dan Bilzerian was before reading this?

And is 270 miles in 48 hours that difficult? If he averages 12 miles per hour and rides 11 hours per day, he’ll do it. And we’re not talking about some doughy poker player who gets winded climbing a flight of stairs; Bilzerian was in the Navy for four years, so this is probably going to be an easy $600,000 for him.