Dana White Plans To Have McGregor’s Side Of Mayweather Negotiations ‘Locked Up’ By Sunday

05.11.17 11 months ago 2 Comments


Dana White likes to be in control of things, and it’s clear that he’s not been enjoying the lengthy game of chicken that’s being played between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor, of which he does not have total control over. The two biggest stars in boxing and UFC respectively have insisted for the better part of a year that they want their next fights to be against each other. Mayweather has insisted McGregor is the only opponent he will come out of retirement for and McGregor wants the big money of the Mayweather fight for his next bout.

The problem for White is that he has no control over Mayweather, as he does in fight negotiations for fighters on UFC deals, so he is at the mercy of boxing’s premier fighter and also a harsh, stubborn negotiator — remember, he held out for years on a Pacquiao fight until Manny caved on PPV split. White has tried to appear in control as much as possible, by keeping control over McGregor’s side of the negotiations and doing things like claiming Canelo-GGG “stole” the date they had penciled in for Mayweather-McGregor (something Showtime Boxing, which holds Floyd’s broadcast rights, has denied).

So, it should come as no surprise that White is putting down an ultimatum on the one thing he can control, McGregor’s portion of the negotiations. White went on the radio with Jim Rome on Thursday and said that he needs McGregor’s side of the negotiations done by this coming Sunday, so he can take it to Mayweather and begin negotiating with his team.

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