With Bisping Fight Off, Dana White Claims GSP Wants A Welterweight Title Shot For His Comeback

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Over the past two months, Georges St-Pierre’s big comeback fight against middleweight champ Michael Bisping went from being an intriguing match-up to a frustrating roadblock for the 185 pound division to being cancelled outright. What happened? GSP’s timeline happened. In a message delivered on Twitter, St-Pierre revealed he wouldn’t be ready to fight until after October.

That was too long for the UFC to freeze up the hyper competitive middleweight division, so UFC president Dana White decided to pull the plug on the fight. But with millions of dollars to be made, both GSP and Michael Bisping seemed less than eager to move on from the fight. St-Pierre claimed the UFC knew he wouldn’t be ready til fall when they booked the fight. And Michael Bisping revealed he may not be able to fight until fall anyways due to a lingering knee issue.

St-Pierre may finally be seeing things the UFC’s way, though.

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