Dana White Will Be Speaking At The Republican National Convention About ‘The Trump’ He Knows

With the sale of the UFC, Dana White has moved from Rich Guy territory to Really Rich Guy territory. Rich Guy Territory is fun — you get to ride around in private jets — but Really Rich Guy territory is when you get to slap the back of the potential president of the United States a little too hard and get away with it. Dana White is in Really Rich Guy Territory, and he’s going to be speaking at the Republican National Convention.

We know Trump, the UFC and Dana White have a long history together. UFC 30, the first UFC event under Zuffa, the UFC’s former parent company, was at Trump’s Taj Mahal in 2001. So when asked about his opinion on Trump during an appearance on TMZ’s Sports Show, Dana said that since the Donald has always had his back, he’ll have the Donald’s. It’s really that simple.

“When we first bought this business, it was banned in most states, it wasn’t supported by athletic commissions, and no arenas wanted this thing and Donald Trump was the first one to come out to Trump Taj Mahal. Not only did he host the events there, he actually showed up and supported the events. You’ll never hear me say a negative thing about Donald Trump.

And you know what? When we did our big FOX deal, there was a write-up in the New York Times, on the front page he wrote, “Congratulations Dana, I always knew you were gonna do it,” and sent the front page to me.”

Then, Dana revealed that Donald will get his vote. It’s official: men with money and questionable tweets will always stay together until the end.

Just keep in mind that Dana won’t be making a political speech at the convention, “It will be about my relationship with Trump and the Trump that I know.” Considering White’s penchant for tough business decisions and crushing the enemy with little remorse, this should be interesting.

(Via TMZ)