‘David Attenborough Narrates Curling’ Is Our New Favorite Thing On Planet Earth

Today’s curling update: CURLING IMMINENT.

There’s nothing we like covering more at With Leather than curling, whether it’s Ron Burgundy making it synonymous with relentless movie promotion, a man’s brains nearly falling out via curling accident or simply the sultry, sexy women that make it such a sensual joy to watch. We know curling can be funny, dangerous and beautiful, but don’t forget: it is also art.

By way of our friends at Extra Mustard comes our new favorite curling-related thing on (cough) planet Earth … ‘David Attenborough Narrates Curling,’ a studious, uptight-but-wistful look at the world’s best broom-related, non-fictional sport. David Attenborough rules hard, and if he can make a video of a turtle trying to mate with a shoe into high art he can certainly give the proper gravitas to curling.

Check it out: