David Beckham Is None Too Pleased About His Parenting Skills Being Questioned

david beckham
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Former soccer superstar David Beckham is one of those athletes that crossed the line from being just “athlete” to “celebrity that happens to be an athlete.” Because of this, Beckham is routinely hounded by the tabloids, so he’s used to details of his private life being leaked and questioned by the masses.

However, one tabloid, The Daily Mail, went too far in Beckham’s eyes when they published this story questioning why Beckham’s four-year-old daughter was still using a dummy (or, a pacifier).

Beckham called out the newspaper with this post on his Instagram account along with a picture of the article:

The Daily Mail cited “parenting experts” who claim that the Beckham’s are risking stunting their daughter, Harper’s, speech, as well as risking damage to her teeth.

quick Google search reveals that it’s probably somewhere between the ages of 2 and 4, and that most experts do say that using it could mess with permanent teeth that start to come in at around Harper Beckham’s age.

Still, as Ryan Reynolds can attest, it can’t be easy to have your parenting mistakes broadcast to the masses, so maybe cut Posh and Becks some slack on this one.