David Price Will Scale Back His ‘Fortnite’ Playing After Some Claimed It Contributed To An Injury

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David Price had an injury scare earlier this week, as the lefty starter for the Boston Red Sox reportedly had numbness in his pitching hand. That’s obviously terrifying for anyone, let alone a pitcher. But after getting some tests done, it was determined that Price doesn’t have anything other than a minor case of carpal tunnel syndrome.

As for why that’s the case, some speculated that it was Price’s love of Fortnite that caused the numbness. We’ve seen in the past that video games have the potential to cause issues in Red Sox-land, so the possibility of a pitcher making $30 million a year suddenly not having a functioning hand because he can’t stop playing Fortnite caused some to lose their heads.

Price addressed the incredibly silly controversy on Thursday, alleviating fears that he might have to miss time by saying he’s going to pitch on Saturday in Toronto. He also made it clear that, while his injury had nothing to do with Fortnite, he’s going to cut out playing at the ballpark because it’s become such a distraction.

As CBS Sports pointed out, Price had recently said he plays Fortnite up to three hours a day, so it’s not hard to make the link between that and him having carpal tunnel. But while he’s fine to keep gaming, he’s meeting people in the middle and keeping Fenway Park and Pleasant Park separate from one another.